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"We started with a two horse bumper pull and over the years worked our way up to a four horse trailer with living quarters. We use our trailer throughout the year to haul our horses to various competitions in both Canada and the US. Whether we are hauling across the Mojave Desert, travelling to Tulsa, Oklahoma or short hauling to a local horse show, we have confidence that our trailer is 'good to go'. Our trailers have always been serviced by Petersen Trailers. We wouldn't consider taking them anywhere else. We trust and rely on Clint to give us good advice and quality workmanship. We really couldn't do the travelling we do without him."

Kimberly and Ashley Toye - customers since 1996



What's included in our horse trailer service:

Test Brakes-identify any issues affecting brake performance (electrical, mechanical, hydraulic)

Clean, Inspect, and Repack Bearings - replace if necessary

Clean and Lube Backing Plates - inspect for brake wear, broken springs and frayed wires; make sure all parts are moving freely

Adjust Brakes

Test Lights - turn signals, running lights, backup lights, interior lights

Test Breakaway Switch

Inspect Floor Boards

Lube all moving parts

Check Battery, top off if necessary

Check Suspension for wear and movement

Check Structural Soundness - frame, door fit and functionality, welds etc

Ensure trailer is Horse Safe - no sharps, rough edges, or other hazards

Check Tire wear and pressure

Torque Wheels

Regular servicing:

  • ensures safety for driver, passengers, and horses
  • lengthens the lifetime of your trailer
  • reduces wear and tear on your tow vehicle
  • helps avoid a breakdown or costly repair
  • gives peace of mind when you tow your horses
  • Remove tires.
  • Remove hubs and inspect backing plates.
  • Prepare to remove seals and bearings.
  • Remove used bearings.
  • Clean and inspect bearings - replace if needed.
  • Clean hubs and grind if necessary. Repack bearings and install seals.
  • Bearings repacked and drum ready to install.
  • Open and check junction boxes.
  • Clean and check wiring and connectors.
  • A common problem - overgreasing between services.
  • Too long between services :(
  • Safety inspection catches problems like broken welds.
  • Check all parts are moving freely - problem - seized brakes.
  • Inspect brake components - problem - magnet damaged.
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"I bought my first horse trailer 10 years ago and barely had it off the sales lot before friends started talking about the ‘best trailer guy in the Lower Mainland.’ Naturally, when my trailer’s first maintenance service was due, I phoned up that best trailer guy, Clint Petersen, and booked an appointment. His set-up out in South Langley is a fully equipped shop capable of bringing the largest of horse trailers inside for work.


Although my trailer generally only needs the wheels and brakes serviced, Clint and his right hand man, Dave, go through it from front to back to ensure that my little rig is as safe as it can be to haul my precious cargo. They’ve successfully chased down electrical gremlins and made helpful recommendations along the way.


What I particularly appreciate is how extraordinarily knowledgeable  and patient Clint always is. In the beginning I had lots of questions and Clint didn’t just have answers; he offered options. When I was ready to upgrade my electronic brake controller, he went through all the features and benefits of the Tekonsha, and sold me on the spot. I’ve been thrilled with its performance ever since.


Over the years, their work has always met or exceeded my expectations. My trailer is always ready when promised and it’s a rare occasion that I haven’t later discovered some little extra safety thing that Clint has noticed and fixed. I recommend Petersen Trailers to all my friends and Clint has me as a lifetime customer."


Ann Vandrick, Richmond, BC

Petersen Trailers

Petersen Trailers, the trailer shop trusted by the horse community to ensure safe trailering, since 1990.

21220 32nd Avenue, Langley, B.C. V2Z 2E7 604 533 4209

Centrally located for the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, B.C., Canada.


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