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Regular customers already know that Clint has all the horse trailering answers. We hope to answer some of the more commonly asked questions below.

Why should I service my new horse trailer?


Most of today's trailers are manufactured on an assembly line. This reduces the cost of purchasing a new trailer, but can result in factory defects that can go unnoticed until they cause a failure. We recommend servicing a new trailer to identify any problems while your trailer is under warranty, and before any problems arise. On brand new horse trailers, we have found defects including:

  • pinched wires that result in faulty braking or other electrical problems - even shorting out the tow vehicle
  • missing bolts and fasteners
  • unsafe latches
  • inadequate lubrication

We can ensure that your trailer meets manufacturer's specifications.



How often should I service my horse trailer?


The answer really depends on how much you use your trailer. For those who use their trailer occasionally during the year, a once yearly service before you head out on the trails or to the shows is adequate.


If you regularly haul your horses to shows, more frequent servicing is recommeded. In addition to a service at the beginning of your show season, service your trailer before a long trip. Our comprehensive safety inspection will catch any problems, and you can set out on your trip with peace of mind.


Rarely used trailers need servicing to ensure, for example, that brakes haven't seized, moving parts are adequately lubricated, and electrical components are functional.


Speak to Clint about the mileage you put on your trailer to set up an optimum service schedule.



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